Tel: +47- 941 22 208


You can board your sightseeing flight from one of our bases, currently Bergen, Ulvik/Eidfjord, Aurland and Bodø/Lofoten.

Our typical sightseeing flights are 20- 50 min depending on the area of operation. Some fjords are easily discovered from 1000ft others have glaciers close by where we climb up to 6000 ft. 

Our pilots know all the great spots and will give you the best routings along mountain farms and hidden waterfalls. 

This year we will operate solely Cessna 206 aircraft a well proven and comfortable choice of seaplane which can take along 4 passengers and the pilot. 


Prices Flightseeing:

Fjord sightseeing 30 min: 1975 NOK  per person – based on 4 passengers.

Fjord & Glacier sightseeing 50 min: 2975 NOK per person – based on 4 passengers.