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Scandinavian Skies is a Norwegian company with head office in Bergen and the only provider of seaplane flight services in Norway. Commercial seaplane operations are rare in Europe compared to Canada or Alaska, where this fast and comfortable kind of transportation is a normal way of life. In Seattle or Vancouver you will see seaplanes departing right from the city center almost every minute. Due to a similar infrastructure Norway has a long tradition of operating seaplanes as well. From the early 1930`s seaplanes kept the country connected for over 40 years before land planes and airports became more common also in remoter regions. Unfortunately seaplanes disappeared over the years from almost all countries in Europe, but operators have realized the great potential and advantages of seaplanes towards helicopters and land-based airplanes and seaplanes are getting more and more back in fashion with companies operating today in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Malta and Greece.  

Scandinavian Skies was established in 2016 with the ambition to continue the long history of commercial seaplane operations in Norway. All flights are operated by JS Aviation Finland under EASA Air Operator Certificate FI.AOC.042. Founder Daniel Boden has previous experience as a pilot and instructor for different seaplane companies as well as airline operations from short-haul turboprop aircraft to long-haul wide-body jets.